Issue with Point Cloud Models

(Tai Pinc) #1


I recently have a problem with viewing point cloud models (mine and others).
At any given moment I see around 10-20% of the number of points only. The points I see keep changing while I rotate the model - so I get this "flickering" effect.

Anyone experiencing something similar?



(Stephomi) #2

Indeed there's a bug on our side. We'll try to fix that asap.
Just to be sure, it is working if you add ?earlyZ=0 at the end of a model's url?


(Tai Pinc) #3

It's working fine with this edition to the url


(Tai Pinc) #4

The issue is still not resolved...

(Stephomi) #5

A fix is on its way. We'll ping you back when it's live.

(Stephomi) #6

It should be fixed by now @tai_pinc

(Tai Pinc) #7

Thanks smile working great again!