Issue with transparent grass

(Polish Farmer) #1

Hello - I have problem with grass on my scene. I mean transparency looks good. The issue is that mesh behind front mesh is overlapping in the view.

METALLICA - MASTER OF PUPPETS album cover by polish_farmer on Sketchfab

Any help will be usefull:)


(Stephomi) #2

It's the order independent issue...

One way to solve this issue is to separate each grass into separate geometries.
You probably don't want to do that considering the number of grass... (for performance reason).
Otherwise switching to single sided rendering might help sometimes....

The other solution is to use alphaMasking and set the factor accordingly.
Note : it seems there is a bug when you switch to alphaMasking and play with the slider right away.
For now :
- switch to AlphaMask
- select another texture and select back the GRASS_mask texture
- play with slider

I'll try to fix this bug quickly.

(Punkoffice) #3

Holy crap!!! Thats awesome!!! Such a cool idea, making album covers 3D. I bet Lars and the gang would absolutely love it!

(Polish Farmer) #4

Thanks guys for feedback:) I `ll try this method later today.