Issue with UVs on multiple materials

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Hello! I'v uploaded a scene that consists of 10 objects with it's own materials and one texture atlas. The scene was made in Blender and uploaded with its plugin. All objects has two UV maps (individual and for atlas). The issue is that when I choose material "mannequin", there's no UV map selection an it uses its individual map for the atlas. All other materials work fine and atlas is applying correctly.

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Also I can't save 3D settings for the scene! :fearful::sob:

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FBX workflow doesn't has this trouble (and has another), but I still can't save settings.


Sorry for the delay! Are you still having trouble saving settings?

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Thanks for your reply! Can't really say, haven't tested with this scene no more.

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Hello, @james. I've just tested again with more lightweight JPEG atlas and still having this trouble.


Hmm @waleguene any ideas? As far as I can tell in the original Blender file, the "mannequin" material is set up exactly the same way as the others :confused: