Issues in uploading a double texture, impossible problem! SOS

(Andreaaimar) #1

Hi, i am Andrea and i am a graphic designer. I am uploading a model which i did with Blender. On this model i am inserting two texture, one is a jpeg of wood, another is a png of a black graphic, with alpha transparency.

I just learnt how to put it in Blender with the nodes in Cycles.

When i do it, i export into Sketchfab and i cannot see anything.
Yeah, i didn't uv map on Blender, but how i can uv map one texture above another? Uv map is just about one texture.

Here is my attempt on Blender.

(Simon Kratz) #2

Hi Andrea, you just need an unwrap that fits one of your textures. In this case making it fit your bottom texture would probably be best since you're transforming tge upper texture's uvs based on the uv input. Then you should probably bake the texture using Blenders Bake function since Sketchfab can only use plain images as texture, not a node network.
Alternatively you could also just unwrap your object to fit one of the textures and layer the second image correspondingly in Photoshop.

(Paulchambers3d) #3

Some game engines like Unreal support multi-layers for things like stencils but Simon's correct.

In short, Sketchfab supports one color AKA diffuse or albedo texture per material.

Simon's recommending "baking" multilayered textures down to one texture for export.

(Andreaaimar) #4

please, can you explain me step by step? i just understood i need to bake one texture.....

(Andreaaimar) #5

i just pressed baking, and blender is not responding