Issues Sharing Link

(Xtremexhibits) #1

I am sharing a model with my clients and it only working for some of them.

Is there a page that I can share that talks about web browser requirements?

(Xtremexhibits) #2

There seems to be no rhyme or reason to this issue. We’ve been testing it on multiple computers and mobile devices, all with the cookies turned on. Some work , some do not.


Can you elaborate about “doesn’t work” when they try to load a model?

What operating systems and browsers are they using?

(Xtremexhibits) #4

Can I send the link and password to you in a private message, I don’t want this model public?

(Xtremexhibits) #5

We’ve tried it on several iPhones with Safari, some work, some don’t. I can’t confirm which os and browser our client is using (it is not working for them). I know it isn’t working on Windows 7 Pro and internet explorer. It is working on Windows 7 Pro with Chrome. It is working on Windows 10 Pro with Chrome. The first model that I shared had no problems. This is our second model to share with clients and it’s not going well.

(Xtremexhibits) #6

Another user on Windows 10 with Chrome is having problems. A warning that “The model can not be displayed because your browser is blocking cookies.” This warning is coming up even tough we checked to cookies settings on Chrome.


Looks like Dan is helping you out in a private support ticket. I’ll close this thread for now so we can continue the conversation there.