Issues with controller mapping

First of all, your viewer is excellent! It would be awesome to be able to browser models in VR too, but what it does is really good. Except…

I recently upgraded my headset to the HP Reverb G2. This has different controllers from the other Windows Mixed Reality headsets (my previous was the Lenovo Explorer). The new controllers now have a thumbstick but no touchpad (more like Oculus Touch). With this change, I can use the trigger and grip buttons, but I can no longer change scale. Considering so many models come in at the wrong scale, this is important. I’m not aware of a way for the user to remap in WebVR as in SteamVR, but maybe I’m wrong. Is there something I can be doing, or is it possible for your product team to look into how to handle this? I’m glad to supply any other info that may help. Thanks!

Did you try firefox “openxr+steam”, with steam beta with openxr enabled, you might be able to go in VR using steam, thus being able to remap the controller ?

No. I can set OpenXR to use the Steam runtime. Hopefully that fixes it. Also hopefully, your next code release can provide some kind of configurability or other control options. It’s amazing how many models have scale wrong so it’s a big deal! Thanks for your response. I’ll update with how it goes later today.

I tried three ways:

  1. OpenXR - Microsoft - Opens the viewer, no controls to change scale
  2. OpenXR - Microsoft (Beta) - Same as non-beta
  3. OpenXR - SteamVR - Viewer will not open. Overlay is shown over viewer exclaiming VR when VR Mode button is clicked in Edge. In Firefox, a different modal opens stating “Initializing VR” but after waiting over a minute, I don’t think it’s working.

I’m glad to help with testing or changing settings. Until I can find a way to scale, it’s a lot less useful!


In firefox, using about:config, did you did enable xr and the openvr flags ?
(idea is to make firefox use webxr not webvr, and to force to use as steamvr openxr target)

I changed those settings in Firefox so it opens through SteamVR now. I was able to remap controls to get the scaling to work again, but it’s not really recognizing the controller. I have a model of a Vive controller by my head, ignoring the position of my controller so I can’t make the teleport circle follow it, plus I can’t get the grip/trigger buttons to work to actually exit. Any idea what the remapping should look like? I’m sure there must be other people out there with similar issues! There’s got to be a better way to handle controller mapping in a more universal way.