Issues with IronCAD

(Xtremexhibits) #1

I am trying to use the Add-Inn feature for Sketchfab and I am having some problems.

With some of my models I get this error after attempting to upload:


When it does work there are issues with the orientation (right and left and up and down seem to be mixed up). And the image textures are not coming through:

Model should look like this:


I’ve had some success Exporting a Part and saving as a .3ds file but the image textures are still not coming through:

Are there tricks to make this work or things to look out for/avoid in my files?

I would really like to start using Sketchfab with IronCAD.


It looks like you didn’t include any textures with the upload. Have you tried adding them in 3D Settings?

(Xtremexhibits) #3

I will play with adding them in 3D settings.

Is there no way to export from IronCAD and have the model include textures?

Any thoughts on the weird orientation problem?


Sorry I missed the orientation question.

You can adjust the “up axis” in 3D Settings:


I checked the upload for The IronCAD exporter uses OBJ format, and the accompanying MTL file correctly references the texture files, but none were included with the upload.

If you can export OBJ+MTL+textures (e.g. “Carpet0012_1_270.jpg”) it should work. There should also be options during OBJ export to use Y-Up or Z-Up as the vertical axis.