Issues with models since adding shadows :(

(Nickholl) #1


is anybody else experiencing this… it seems since adding shadows on my objects, they often seem to get a little corrupted after a while. Initially they looked fine, but now I’m looking a few days later, the mesh is corrupted and the shadow it way off where it should be. If i then go to edit the 3d settings, the mesh appears but the shadow is still off position (although by not as much). If i recreate the shadow by tweaking a setting - the models appears to back to normal - but after saving nothings changed :frowning:

Ive attached some grabs. Im wondering if its anything to do with the fact that i have a large scene and have anotations skipping between t

(Nickholl) #2

Forgot to mention, im on a mac and it seems this is in safari only. When i view in chrome it seems ok

(Rémy Bouquet) #3

I see 2 issues in your screen shot
1- The shadow offset: this has been fixed, you may need to re save your model in the editor for it to be taken into account. (though seems you already did, because I can’t reproduce this issue on your model)
2- The model is rendered wrong on safari. This is a known issue an it’s being investigated.

(Nickholl) #4

thanks for the update