Issues with Textures and UV Vertex Colors: Agisoft to Rhino to Sketchfab

I am having issues with textures and UV Vertex Colors appearing in Sketchfab after bringing together a photogrammetry scan from Agisoft and importing it to combine with a digital model from Rhino3D.

Imported without Vertex Colors (from Agisoft and then Rhino) and imported to Sketchfab with .png texture map but did not visually appear in display.

A small photogrammetry scan showed up that was done in Reality Capture (see annotation 2) and was imported with a .png texture. If this works at a small scale, it appears to be a scale issue?

In other upload attempts, the Vertex Color was imported but the .png texture mapping did not visuallu show up even though it imported as well. If I turned off the Vertex Color setting in Sketchfab, the textures would then show up… but not both.

Has anyone had success with importing the textures as images through a combined photogrammetry and digital model from Rhino into Sketchfab?

If the UV map is correct to the texture, then you can import the texture within the “3D Settings” under “Materials->Diffuse->color dropdown->Texture” rather than uploading it with the model.

Had tried that but did not solve. Exporting as .fbx from Rhino, with Vertex Colors and textures, worked though. (.Obj and .Mtl did not work for combining these two)