It takes me a long time to prepare my uploads

(Joel3d) #1

This model took me around half a day to prepare, but I feel like I am doing a lot of work-a-rounds just to get it looking okay.

(Joel3d) #2

Also the textures seem to convert? I think I get it looking good and I save the file and then...

(Joel3d) #3

Apologies - just venting a bit. The problem was on my end, I didn't have' embedded' check-box checked in the FBX preferences. But It does seem to take a really long time to upload - Still think it's better to do it by hand in a zipped file.

The weird texture issue as it turns out was that I had made my texture files non power of 2 texture (3000x3000)
I never knew that could be an issue.

Thank you Sketchfab team! They resolved the issue anyway - and within a few minutes

(Stephomi) #4

Just to clarify a bit.
The issue on the power of two textures is still there and is a problem from our side smiley , and will be fixed this week normally.

Using a power of two texture is not a requirement, but it's best if the artist provides one directly.