It's frustrating! Again an iOS bug. Models dosent load, preview pictures not shown, dropdown dosent work

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Come on Sketchfab-Team, what are you doing the last time? Yesterday there was some time without access with iOS devices, today it is the same, since some hours it is not possible to view the models on your site and on embeded sites. The dropdown menu isnt working too on your site with iOS devices. Tested with iOS 11 and iOS 12, iPad and iPhone.

Is nobody from you trying your service on different operating Systems after update before it goes online?

Hope this problem dosent exist as long as it did last time.

Best regards, Harald

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I forgot to show you how it looks like:

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Update: With Safari on iOS it dosen’t work. if i use Firefox for iOS all is working like normal.

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apple safari has taken the old roll of windows IE :wink: The worst browser ever. Back in the day everything would work on all browsers except IE. Now this poop award belongs to Safari. I dont know how these vendors live with themselves honestly, Surely they must know that they make the life of web developers pure hell just because of their product.

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btw, with MS Edge, the sketchfab logo is out of the top end of the window, with mouse-over it jumps to the right position.

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yeah i didnt say IE is out of the clear , I just said It is no longer the worst, it seems Safari is now that browser :wink:

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Problem does not only seem to affect IOS. We are having a lot of complaints since yesterday from customers using Android phones whose models won’t load.

Whether it is a common problem or two unrelated issues I do not know but something is really not working ok even for Chrome browser on Android phones.

My Android phone however is working properly.

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Good news, Sketchfab with iOS Safari is working now.


Sorry for the delay, yes we shipped the fixes.