Jake Parker inspired Robot model


(Twitte King) #1

Me and my Girlfriend saw a fun rabbit robot concept art by Jake Parker a few months back, we thought about making it but was quite busy until last week.

I made most of the rabbit robot in 3 days part time in blender with joy!!

I Modeled him, made a basic rig. hope to animate him with a toon shading style soon!! any feed back welcome!! stay tune for more!!

(Nomadking) #2

I love the style of that concept!

Model looks good so far too :slight_smile:

(Twitte King) #3

thank you!! i added a exhaust pipe!!

(Twitte King) #4

After i got the lowpolyverion on the main body, I played around with it in Substance Painter, painting some surface details with height map. the substance direct upload export jpg, and give some noise due to lossy compression i guess, will have to tweak that next time.

gotta repeat the process with the rest of the parts!!

(Twitte King) #5

all normal maps are done, and here is a animation test, but the ears are not work!!
all parts are parented to a bone by "ctrl+P" then "bone". all parts are working fine except the ears!! any idea what did i do wrong?

(Nomadking) #6

That is pretty odd - perhaps @james can see what's going on.


I'm certainly no expert on rigging or Blender, @waleguene would know more.

I took a look and I think it's due to your skeleton/bone hierarchy. We currently don't support rigs with multiple skeletons that well. If you have a skeleton between bones in a bone hierarchy, all the bones under that skeleton are ignored.

I see in the Blender outliner that the ears are the only parts to have an armature modifier on them below the main armature. Maybe that's causing the issue? Sorry if I'm off base here :confused:

(Twitte King) #8

thank you for your referral!!

(Twitte King) #9

Thank you bro!!
you are right about the Armature modifiers!! i removed them and it works now!
just curious about the hierarchy issue you mention, does that mean its more stable if all bones are connected?

i might have clicked on weighted parenting by accident and didnt notice!!, wouldnt know where to start debugging!

(Nomadking) #10

Glad to see it's working now. Looking awesome! :sunglasses:

(Fongoose) #11

Love Jake Parker. Great job!

(Twitte King) #12

thank you!! still in progress!! should be able to finish in 2018 haha