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Javascript error using "Contact" feature

(Punkoffice) #1

I'm trying to contact a user (send a message) via the user's profile but it won't send. I'm using Chrome 44.0.2403.107 m on Windows 8.1. I get this Javascript error

POST 400 (BAD REQUEST)nrWrapper @ @ commons-3e3c73ace99499c2b9e2.js:25ue.extend.ajax @ commons-3e3c73ace99499c2b9e2.js:25e.ajax @ commons-3e3c73ace99499c2b9e2.js:62t.ajax @ commons-3e3c73ace99499c2b9e2.js:26t.sync @ commons-3e3c73ace99499c2b9e2.js:26n.extend.sync @ commons-3e3c73ace99499c2b9e2.js:26t.Model.extend.sync @ @ commons-3e3c73ace99499c2b9e2.js:26o.extend.applySettings @ website-d21d9d4880454d20e968.js:99ue.event.dispatch @ commons-3e3c73ace99499c2b9e2.js:25v.handle @ commons-3e3c73ace99499c2b9e2.js:24nrWrapper @ viper0711:6

(Arthur Jamain) #2

Hey there ! Thanks for the report !

The issue has been filed in our tracker, it should be resolved soon.

However, the cause of the error is that this button should only be displayed on PRO user's pages ; only PRO accounts can receive such messages. Which means that you probably would not have been able to send it.

Sorry for the inconvenience / misleading situation,