Johnny and Gnomestar

(Dpalme) #1

Hello boyz, I'm working on a model which illustrates the state of youtube with cancer alert leeching off the private and public life of multiple youtubers whilst being a backstabbing a hole. any suggestions are welcome.

(Dpalme) #3

Memestar v 1.0 by dpalme on Sketchfab

(Bart) #4

Welcome on board! Don't forget to subscribe to the contest updates thread to receive a notification when we have news to share.

PS: to embed your Sketchfab models on your thread, just put the URL on an empty line. I've edited the post above for you.

(Dpalme) #5

thanks bart!

(Bart) #6


a quick personal reminder that the Mad Science contest closes next Wednesday (midnight, 23:59 New York time). So whatever you decided to do this weekend - you'd better cancel it and finish your entry :slight_smile:

As always, you can read contest updates here, and if you have any last minute questions feel free to email me at bart@ this website.

Good luck!!