Johnseamann #3December Entries

(Johnseamann) #1

Hello. Let’s give this a try!

(Johnseamann) #2

Day 1 - Coat

I hope I’m doing this correctly. This was my first model in a very long time, and I couldn’t manage to make it perfect enough, but I’m happy with the result for the time I put into I. I hope you guys like it!

(Johnseamann) #4

(Johnseamann) #5

Day 2 - Wood Stove

Still so much to learn about 3D modelling and Maya and Sketchfab itself, but enjoying it a lot so far.
This turned out way more cartoonish than I expected at the beginning, but I’m happy with it. Too sad that Sketchfab doesn’t import the lighting, as I had made a flickering effect inside the stove, or maybe I’m missing something?

(Johnseamann) #6

Day 3 - The North Pole

This one was lots of fun, simple as it may seem :smiley:

(Laurer1990) #7

cool idea :slight_smile:

(Johnseamann) #8

Day 4 - Fruitcake

Thought this would be easier, but since the shape of the panettone was so simple, I guess it was a good chance to wet my toes in texturing. Long way to go yet!

(Johnseamann) #9

Day 5 - Having the Flu

Decided to go for the more cozy and less snotty aspect of the topic. Took way longer than expected.

(Johnseamann) #10

Day 6 - Reindeer

(Johnseamann) #11

Day 7 - Igloo

Oh, those particles made me go to hell and back! In the end I’m happy enough with the result, too bad that the snow decay isn’t captured when exporting, but still, a nice experiment.

(Johnseamann) #12

Day 8 - Earmuffs

(Johnseamann) #13

Day 9 - Jingle Bells

(Johnseamann) #14

Day 10 - Pine Cone

(Johnseamann) #15

Day 11 - Gingerbread

Really proud of this one! And another whovian item in my 3December!

(Johnseamann) #16

Day 12 - Ice Fishing

Fishing in the North Pole! Maybe our little friend will bite?

(Johnseamann) #17

Day 13 - Arctic Fox

(Johnseamann) #18

Day 14 - Chimney

(Johnseamann) #19

Day 15 - Sweater

(Johnseamann) #20

Day 16 - Gifts

(Johnseamann) #21

Day 17 - Snowflake