Julien #3December entries

(Flyingfoxworkshop) #1

This is my first post for 3December. I am already late but here is my winter coat.

(Flyingfoxworkshop) #2

And here is my Wood Stove ! 3 hours for this one.

(Flyingfoxworkshop) #3

Hey ! Here is my North Pole entry ! Late but still in the race ! :running_man:

(Ever Shroud) #4

I love that little globe on the top of the pole! The shapes of everything are so nice too. Very pleasant to look at!

(Flyingfoxworkshop) #5

Thanks @EverShroud ! :slightly_smiling_face:

(Cookiepop) #6

Your low-poly style is adorable. So creative too. :green_heart:

(Nomadking) #7

Beautiful North Pole piece <3

(Flyingfoxworkshop) #8

@cookiepop @nomadking Thanks a lot ! :grinning:

(Flyingfoxworkshop) #9

I made a Carot fruit cake. This is the first time I am cooking this so I forgot to put some fruits inside :scream: !
I stole the idea from @EverShroud to make the fruits look a bit like gems :wink:

(Ever Shroud) #10

Wow, that looks lovely. I really like how you did the fruits! The cake colours look really nice too and the icing was a great finishing touch. It’s exciting that I actually inspired someone, thanks!

(Cookiepop) #11

I love the fruit-cake. SUPA cute style.

(Flyingfoxworkshop) #12

Thanks @cookiepop , I feel that I am improving in the low poly style with this challenge.

(Flyingfoxworkshop) #13

Here is my Having the Flu entry. I didn’t took the time to get a nicer lightmap on the tissues.

(Flyingfoxworkshop) #14

I think. I should add a table.

(Mountrise) #15

Do you bake and colorize the ambient occlusion or do you paint everything?

(Flyingfoxworkshop) #16

Yes I bake different ambient occlusion maps and blend them with multiply or overlay mode, depending on the object.

(Flyingfoxworkshop) #17

My reindeer entry ! Hard to keep the pace !

(Nomadking) #18

Worth the wait though, it looks amazing! :smiley: