Jurassic Park - Must Go Faster

(Panc0) #1

I love the Jurassic park first movie and this is the scene I'm aiming for

Wip update for movie contest vr - Must Go Faster WIP2
WIP for the movie contest-vr - Must Go Faster WIP3
My first wip for the movie scene vr contest
(Miekeroth) #2

Great! Would love to see this one animated!


I agree! Curious to see where you'll go with this!

(Panc0) #4

Glad you liked the idea, I'll be starting today and will be making a timelapse of the whole process :slight_smile:

(Panc0) #5

This is my first WIP for the contest - My scene of choice is the "Must go faster" from Jurassic Park 1, hope you enjoy :slight_smile:


(Bart) #6

Welcome on board! Seems like Jurassic Park is going to be popular :slight_smile:

I've just added one month of free Sketchfab PRO to your account. You will now be able to upload larger models, use more annotations and more - here's more information.

Also, don't forget to subscribe to the contest news thread and to read the Frequently Asked Questions!

We'll be in touch :slight_smile:

(Panc0) #7

Thanks Bart! :slight_smile:

(Panc0) #8

Here finally is my second Wip for the movie contest vr. I'm aiming for the Must go Faster scene from the first Jurassic Park movie, hope u like it :slight_smile:


(Bart) #9

@panc0 thanks for your updates! Please keep them all in one topic though - no need to open a new thread for each WIP :slight_smile: I've merged them all together for you.


(Panc0) #10

Continuing the discussion from Wip update for movie contest vr - Must Go Faster WIP2:

New WIP, this time just some work on the jeep in a super very low poly version hehe! My first jeep ever, hope you like it :wink:

(Panc0) #11

Fourth WIP finally!

I hope I will be able to start animating very soon \o/ \o/