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I saw you are new to the 3D modeling space. First of all, Hi! I’m Calfan. I would totally be up to helping you with discovering tools and stuff for 3D modeling. Being a beginner in the 3D modeling space can be a little daunting with all of the tools available out there. Just let me know if you’re interested. If not, thats no problem. It’s nice to see new people on sketchfab looking to get into 3D modeling.

thanks for the support and yes it is very daunting

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i would appreciate that very much

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A little while back someone asked some questions on sketchfab that I answered that I think will give a good starting point.

**can I learn in 3D Paint or too simple? what software do I need?**

Answer: I highly recommend something like Procreate for beginners when it comes to digital and 3D painting. I personally use procreate and blenders texture painting software to texture my models.

**any recommended courses or certs to pursue as a beginner?**

Answer: Youtube is your best friend when it comes to learning almost anything as you probably know. I personally started out learning Fusion 360 because it’s free for students. For Fusion 360, I just messed around until I knew how stuff worked. When it comes to blender though, I watched a TON of youtube vids on basic stuff. I highly recommend Ryan Kings Art, and Grant Abbitt. I also watched a lot of sculpting vids on youtube which helped with learning blender.

**thought I’d start with some easy downloads here and modify to understand tools, skills, etc. What other sources helped you get started?**

Answer: If you want to download some 3D models and look at them and mess around with blender tools I recommend downloading models like mine since I’m still new to blender, but know what I’m doing for the most part. I would recommend this model Paldean Wooper - Download Free 3D model by Calfan [154b8dd] - Sketchfab or this model Dullwings - Download Free 3D model by Calfan [f1bd9f5] - Sketchfab
P.S this isn’t an advertisment, just think my stuff might be good for beginners to mess with lol

**teacher asked that I design in something and then present to class in powerpoint for fun and practical output so guess I need to undrestand how to get FBX, GLTF, USDZ and other formats to export into something I can use?**

Answer: Almost every 3D software in existence can export 3D files into FBX, GLTF, USDZ, etc. If your wanting to know how each one works, I would just recommend looking it up. For example, when I started learning how to animate, I learned that FBX is a recommend file type for animations.

**how can I get an easy animation (like a robot mouth moving or pointing to talk)?**

If your wondering how to do that in blender, I would recommend looking up how to rig models in blender. If you want a model to see how this works I recommend my robot model Just a Robot That Wants to Have Fun - 3D model by Calfan [edd31ca] - Sketchfab

Hope this helps! Good luck with everything,!


thanks for the information

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