Just Checking in

(Creativesip) #1

After almost 1 and a half month i am returning to sketchfab to check how things are going or any improvements. No updated annotations, camera system is same, no trigger animations, and no branding options for corporate clients. Humans are approaching to build a colony on Mars smirk and sketch fabians are stuck at the same point! Lazy, disappointed! confused

(Jfm3d) #2

Well, they haven´t reached Mars yet, but Sketchfab is still going strong and improving very well, maybe you should just catch up smile

(Adeboye Grillo) #3

There has been quite a lot of improvements so far. I think you should just be patient. Those guys are doing really great.

(Creativesip) #4

I know my comments are harsh. But this is a kinda forceful push to the dev team of sketchfab. you know political things stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes

(Bart) #5

Hey @creativesip,

Thanks for keeping us on our toes smile Those are not exactly the things that are easy to implement in such a short time, although there are on our todo list.

In the mean time we did complete a lot of other important work, like:


(Adeboye Grillo) #6

It could be a little bit tasking to position the lights in sketchfab so I usually position the lights (omni, directional or spot) from within 3ds max and export as an fbx file. Could we possibly have othogonal views while editing on Sketchfab. This will aid the positioning of the lights.

(Bart) #7

Agreed, it's a little tricky some times. I'll pass on your suggestion!


@grillswills - you can fake an orthogonal view by setting the FOV all the way down to 1°

(Adeboye Grillo) #9

Thank you for the reply. It helps. I never thought of it.