Just finished work on a fish tank for the store

Just finished up this model today, pretty happy with how it turned out. I originally wasnt going to add any animation to the scene but last minute i changed my mind and im glad i did.

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Hi I would like to find an answer here. Buddy, maybe you know something about my problem related to aquarium? I bought an aquarium for my hammie and she always digs in one corner and tries to chew and cut the glue is it safe? If not how can I prevent it?

Hey, dude. I think, that such actions are common for it, because it needs some time to adapt in the new environment and get used for you. But you shouldn’t exclude the possibility, that there is something in your aquarium, that makes your hommie be afraid of it, so you can see such the reaction about which you have wrotten. I am taking about the worms, that can always met in new aquariums. If you don’t sure about my words, then visit site and read about them. Hope, that is just his adaptation and there is no rish for your dear pet.

You have done an excellent work about designing the fish tank. It doesnot have the same old boring rectangular tank. I guess shape is hexagonal which is good. I think you could have done better work regarding placing the filter or possibly hiding it behind plants, if possible. The aquarium hoods is also good with wooden finish. Also make sure aquarium hoods of different capacity are available for customers if you are planning to launch the fish tank of varying capacity. All in all, I would give a thumbs up the sketch.