Just started using SketchFab ... Colour me impressed!

(Dma Ni) #1

We use SketchUp for all our modelling and decided to give SketchFab a test, I had the idea that I could embed a model on our site but didn't think that it work as well as we'd like due to processor load but .......
The models work incredibly well! and embedding them couldn't be easier. It took a couple of tries to work out the environment/materials settings but once I did I'm now able to prep a model, upload it and get the look I'm after in minutes.
I'll play with annotations next :slight_smile:

SketchFab models: https://sketchfab.com/dma-ni/models
Our website projects gallery: https://www.dma-ni.com/dma_projects/
Not all the Projects have SF models, the ones that do will have a 'View in 3D' button under their description once you click on it in the list, here are a couple:

(Nicktheladd) #2

I was also surprised by how easy sketchfab was to upload/embed/share models. For some reason I was expecting it to be a lot more difficult.