Kerbal Space Program export tool

(Dunealex) #1

The beta exporttool doesn´t work for me on WIN7. I made sure to also try running it as admin and that my token was correct. Did everything according to the video you guys provided.
This is the Error I get:

However, if I use the alpha release of the tool, the upload works, but the textures are missing:

Thx in advance for any help.

(Waleguene) #2

Hi @dunealex,

We are trying to reproduce this error in order to fix it, but didn't got it yet. Can you send me your Truck.craft file ? I think it uses parts that were affected by a mod which makes the exporter crash when dealing with it(probably related to texture). In my side, I began to try exporting crafts using parts coming from some mods you listed as incompatible in the KSP thread, but didn't had any issue. BTW Your craft can be useful for me to test (since parts are readable within it).

Once the bug is reproduced, i think we won't need much time to fix it.
Thank you in advance,


(Dunealex) #3

It was "Active texture management" mod that affected the textures, so it was a user error^^

(Waleguene) #4

Ok thanks for the details. I don't know how this mod works but if textures are "hardly" converted to DXT1 & DXT5, we can't handle them on Sketchfab for now (since these are specific texture formats).

(Dunealex) #5

Ok, so we now colleced some more details about mods. One user (Comment #28 on that thread:!/page3 ) made all the effort in pointing out which parts of a certain and very common mod work and which don´t. I hope that helps the further development of the tool.

And as always, thx for doing this for us!