Keyframes on lights and shaders

(Davidbk) #1

I’m wondering if it’s possible to upload an FBX with keyframes on the lights (animating the intensity over time) and shaders (animating colour, glossiness, etc.). I’m exporting the FBX from Maya.

If this is not possible with FBX’s exported from Maya, is it possible to keep keyframed attributes from other 3D programs or game engines?




Thanks for your interest. I’m afraid we don’t support animated lights at the moment, but it’s something we hope to support in the future.

Do you have a simple sample file that we could look at as an example?

(Davidbk) #3

Here’s a simple scene with an animated light. (418.6 KB)


Thanks! It’s not on our roadmap yet, but I’ll be sure to follow up with any news.