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Keygun replica 3D model


(Pallavicini Daniele) #1

Hi! This is a very nice weapon that I saw some days ago on a historical page on Facebook.
You can see it here:

Key Gun by pallavicini.daniele on Sketchfab

Here some renderings that I did in Marmoset:

(This is the original image).

I created this 3D model as the first test with Maya (I always used 3DSMax and Blender) that I should use it for Job. Textures are done with Substance Painter

(Pocolov) #2

Nice, but howl to reload it

(Pallavicini Daniele) #3

Here you can read some info:

(Nucld) #4

cmon, gun again, be more peaceful, make just key :smiley: