Kim Possible : So the Drama, ending scene [FINAL]


(David Caturegli) #1

Hi everyone, I'm a bit late but... meh, I'll try anyway.
So I choose the kiss scene of the movie Kim Possible So the Drama because hell I like this series. They even managed to make the fourth season better then the third. But the kiss scene is one of my most expected scenes.

I only put Ron, Kim, Monique, Rufus, Bonnie and Brick in a non-animated scene.


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Cute! Interested in seeing how this goes. Have fun!

(David Caturegli) #3

First step, the stadium.

(David Caturegli) #4

The decorations !

Final step, the characters !

(David Caturegli) #5

An other update : textures !

(David Caturegli) #7

Héhé, just realizet it's 23:59:59 New York time, not France time lol. That time who left can be useful now !


Yes, you have about 5 hours left! This is looking great so far, keep it up!

(David Caturegli) #9

Here it is, the final version of ma scene !

Hope you like it !