Kingsman | Kentucky Church scene (static)

(Khea) #1

Hi guys !

I don't really have a favorite movie, yet I definitely had a OMG.BEST.SCENE.EVER reaction while watching Kingsman's Ketucky church scene! So let's do this one! :slight_smile:

  • I'm planning to focus the scene on the emotions of the main character Harry Hart (who's going full rampage mode btw) by giving it a dark-slash-vivid-colors-style-like-in-Sin-City kind of stylisation. 2nd part of this plan : focus on what he sees and super-fade-out the things that are not in his range.

  • Also I see this scene as a whole thing. So I think I could maybe use annotations to show some of the most noticable actions of the scene, duplicating Harry through the church. However, I don't know if it's really relevant with the VR theme :worried:

I'll post a WIP of the global scene later today !
I'm looking forward to seeing all of the scenes :B Have a nice day, guys!

(Khea) #2

Hi guys,

Here's a little start on the environment :

Keeping in mind my stylisation plan (and focus on Harry's twisted perception), I don't give the church its walls. Only a black world and the lights that are coming from the windows.

The lights on the floor are placeholders for the key zones of action (where Harry will be duplicated)

I'll try to make some characters today, maybe refine the church assets, too
Have a nice day !


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Fun scene! The lighting already looks beautiful, have fun!