Kite Shield - Looking for Feedback

(Chimpytt) #1

Hi Everyone -

I'm just getting started with the 3D Art world and I am looking for some helpful feedback on a model:

I think the shield is a bit too thin personally. My attempt here was to dirty/grime the surfaces to make it look like it had some wear to it, but I also think some cuts or chunks removed from the edges would help a lot on that front. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Tools used: Blender & Gimp

(Pandan) #2

I like the design

Well feedback could change dependent on your chosen artstyle.
Some questions to ask;

Is art style realistic? Or cartoonish? Or neither?
Whats the target media? Video game? film? or an Art piece on it's own?

I'd say if you're going for a realistic look, making the shield thin isn't necessarily a bad thing.
Even still, I'd agree with you in saying that it's still currently too thin.

I'm not going to assume it's complete, but adding a handle to give us an idea of scale in a human hand would be awesome.
Also, giving the shield a nice hard edge around the outside would be nice.
Kind of like this shield has:
(you dont have to go for that toon look)
Not having an edge may just have to do with it being too thin as well.

It's a great model for a beginner :slight_smile:

(Chimpytt) #3

Thanks for the feedback!

I agree on the handles, been messing around with bending meshes to try and get a leather strap type look. The hard edge is a good point too. Originally I rounded the corners because I wanted to add some smoothness, but the sharpness in th edges you posted looks better.