Knight Mech intrinsic design


(Thechosenone) #1

A mech design i have been working for a long time now.
Its is a mech that is a knight,but you cant really see it all that well now cause he is still not suited.
I have been designing it from the ground up adding and editing parts so that they are in their place for a reason.
I am trying to design him in a more functional way rather than just trying to make him look cool.Which is as expected much harder and much more time consuming as i need to work on every aspect of the design.

Color legend:

-Green:Essential/core parts
-Light Blue:Chassis,acts like the skeleton of the mech
-Darkish Blue:Actuators,parts giving motion and...eyes :slight_smile:
-Transparent Blue:Outer shell,silhouette of the mech

I still have a long way to go,need to add the circulatory system meaning the cables and need to add the outer shell which is the actual armor and need to give him his sword and shield.

The gears i have chosen to be there to go along with the knight design so that he doesnt look all that futuristic and fictional.

I am really curious to see if you can understand how everything works without me needing to explain every single part.
But feel free to ask :smile:

(theStoff) #2

Very nice to see a practical design challenge. It's always fun to think out how something would work and make it believable. A while ago I was working on a show called Max Steel and had to do a lot of breakdowns on robotics for it :smile:. Your design is coming along although I'm curious how much mobility he has. As a knight he looks a little too limited in the spine. He also needs some sort of way to propel himself while running. If you look at this reference you can see the leg is bent forward allowing to spring off the ground. In your design so far the leg might not be able to kick off the ground too easily. Keep on it though I look forward to the result!

(Thechosenone) #3

I wanted the spine to look armored and like a spine :smiley: but apparently i will have to make it more flexible cause currently its really bad when stretching it side to side but will try to keep the general aesthetic.
The original idea behind the legs were that since he is a knight his purpose is to defend his city(castle) so walking and running a long wasn't really in my had and when the invaders would attack and the knights would stand in a defensive position with a shield all of the force of the impact would travel down to the legs and it would dig the legs deeper into the ground as he was pushed more.
But the video you sent me and a couple more ideas lead me to improve the legs so they could absorb and return energy :smiley:
Also ive done the pipes on the robot and unfortunately i used more imagination that actual engineering solutions as it was really hard to put all the cables in place in a practical way :frowning: they had to be thick as most of it was protection.
Here is it now.And finally i can get going on the armor,the most obvious part :slight_smile: