Knight with poleaxe

Hi all!

So I want to introduce you to a character I’ve been working on lately. This is a knight armed with a poleaxe (in fact, this is a medieval armored infantryman, he does not even have a horse and spurs). I must say right away that I made many mistakes in this model (for example, the lack of an underarmor in the neck area and apparently the wrong design or geometry of the protection of the thumbs, as well as the elbow pads). But in general I tried to depict the metal plates with really hard elements, so that in the animation they would not stretch like ordinary clothes, as is often the case in games (examples: breathing in a cuirass in Mordhau, bending a glove when moving a palm in Kingdom Come, etc.).

P.s. I would hardly have dared to write earlier, but I am a little surprised that the landscape that I made in almost 1 evening is in relative demand, at the same time, characters with rigging, skinning and small animations remain almost without views. Why is it so? :slight_smile: