KSP export tool

(Explorer Klatt) #1

I keep getting error 13 message when using the kerbal space program export tool

(Waleguene) #2

Hi @ExplorerKlatt,

First, thank you for reporting this issue. This is not an isolated bug, it was already reported several times by users and seems to be related to one or several mods that are affecting the files so that the exporter doesn't find any parts when building the craft archive.

Are you using the Active Texture Management mod ?


(Explorer Klatt) #3

No I don't have that installed.
I am getting this error from craft that do not have mod parts on them and from an install that doesn't have mods installed.
Here is a shot of the error I am getting

(Waleguene) #4

Okay, thanks you @ExplorerKlatt for these helpful informations.
It there are no mods in your install, it seems that there is something wrong in our side. Just to be sure, could you give me the version of the game you use?

And, could you copy/paste the path you set in the exporter ?
You would need to set the KSP_Win directory in the exporter to get the good result.(if you set the directory that contains your crafts, like "save/default/Ships/VAB", the exporter will not find the parts and you will lead to the Invalid error 13)

I will take a look at this smile

(Explorer Klatt) #5

Ok the problem was on my end. I didn't know the path had to stop on the KSP root directory. Got it fix and working now. Thanks for your help.

(Warsoul) #6

The exporter wont work with my ksp 1.2.2 normal ?

(Waleguene) #7

Hi @Warsoul,

There are some missing updates on the exporter right now. The game has been updated and also the Sketchfab API, so the current version is out of date and doesn't work.
The "game side" update is almost ready, but there are still some work to do on the upload part to make it work.

I created a ticket to handle this.