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Ksp2Sketchfab error when trying to upload

(Linuxgurugamer) #1

Trying to use this for the first time, getting the following error:

TypeError: object of type 'noneType' has no len()

I've tried this on several ships

(Bart) #2

Hi @linuxgurugamer,

would you be able to share those files with us for testing?

@waleguene can you look in to this?

(Waleguene) #3

Hi @linuxgurugamer,

Thanks for reporting the issue, I have heard about it but I can't reproduce the bug. I think it is related to some mods files that are not supported by the exporter, could you tell us more about the mods you use (at least the ones that are used by your ships) and share one of the .craft files with us ?
It will help a lot..


(Dunealex) #4


I can confirm that this error is mod related. We stared a thread about the exporttool on the Kerbal forum:!

I guess it has something to do with the way some mods use compressed textures?

We try making a list of compatible/incompatible mods.

Thx for looking into the issue. It would be really nice if the most common mods would be supported. Especially big parts mods like KW rocketry.


(Dunealex) #5

Oh and just one more thing:

Is it possible to program the exporter to not render the engine shrouds when there´s no other part attached underneath?
"If {part on base attachment node} then {render shroud}, else {don´t render shroud}" ?

(Waleguene) #6

Hi @dunealex,

Thanks for your reply. The list is a very good idea, we will try to reproduce the issue using your mod list, and provide a fix.

About shrouds, we are aware of this. The way we are currently exporting crafts doesn't allow to know if a shroud has to be hidden or not. It will probably be improved in a future release of the exporter.(For now, you can trick, and make them fully transparent by using the material editor).

Thanks a lot for your helpful feedbacks, we will continue to work on it!


(Dunealex) #7

Thank you so much! That works like a charm!
Also added that hint to the forums entry.

It´s great that you go on working for it. I really really apprechiate that! Sketchfab is such an awesome way to present crafts.
Thank you guys so much!