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Kubo 2 strings Fanart

(Twitte King) #1

hi guys! i like the kubo movie, the seamless blende between stop motion and cgi is phenomenal! a bit bumped they didn't win the Oscar. the art style is top notch!!

Anyways, i started making a scene in blender. i modeled, rigged, posed him after watching the movie.
I stopped working on him after i started texturing...
now its super long time since i worked on him. I am not entirely sure about the texturing and scene composition!

Any suggestions are welcome! i also started this before i tried substance. should i scrap the texture and redo it in Substance? thank you in advance!

(Bart) #2

I like the look! It would be easier to see as an embed than as a gif of course, so I can't really comment on the textures. Having said that, Substance is an awesome tool and you should be able to get better looking textures than when just using the Blender internal tools. I'd go for it if I was you and hone my skills more.

(Twitte King) #3

Thanks @bartv thank you very much! Then substance it is! I didn't upload and embed, customer I am not confident about it, yet...
I will keep updating you guys here! Also wanna do more wip since i have tons of abandoned project that can use some criticism to finished! Haha