Kung Fu Panda - Peach Tree

(Alex) #1

Starting a bit late, but I will be giving this one a shot

(Alex) #2

Quick sketch as I piece together the uh "visible environment" from different scenes in the movie. Helps me wrap my head around the entire thing and get an idea of how much work there would be doing the surroundings. I started on a blockout but I might just hop into making some basic assets until my cardboard arrives.

(Alex) #3

I planned to test out sketchfab today (haven't actually uploaded anything before) so I gave that a try. The 3ds max plugin is pretty nice and the built in light bake thing is great for testing stuff! I've tried blocking out some big shapes and see how it behaves and I'm not seeing any vert position weirdness so that's nice.

I've blocked out the cliff in zbrush just to get the shape down roughly and dropped it back into max, with a placeholder tree on top. Planning to start making rock meshes and tiling textures to turn this blob into something more presentable.


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Looks like a beautiful scene, love the WIPs. Have fun!

(Alex) #5

Sculpted some rocks, borrowed others from an older piece.. Rocks are just normals for now, texturing will be low prio for a while! Blocking out the scene for today

(Alex) #6

Got the foundations down for the fog, distant mountains and sky. They all look kinda crappy but I can come back to polish things up later on. Alpha sorting in sketchfab is... well I'm not making anything transparent ever again lol.

(Alex) #7

Lightbake test. Much to my disappointment pbr + lightmap is a no go

Will probably put up some screenshots of the full scene later

(Alex) #8

Got a simple normal mapped version of the big backdrop mountain in. Thank god for world machine. All I really need to finish are the trees, the two buildings, some texturing and lighting. ez

(Alex) #9

Base of the magic peach tree, around 1.8k tris. Just normals. Think I might do the texture after I've already lit the scene.

(Alex) #10

I have a feeling the tree is going to take a while

87 tris

(Alex) #11

Tree. Peachy on hold till I get the more important stuff out of the way.

(Alex) #12

Buildings are 90% there, just need some minor tweaks here and there. Baked light and I think I've set up the VR thing correctly.. time to check it on my phone woo

(Alex) #13

(Alex) #14

Going to check progress on my phone! Pictured: not the entire scene obviously :stuck_out_tongue:

(Alex) #15

work work

(Alex) #16

Quick fix on depressing fog

(Alex) #17

Viewport shot of the building, rock, tree etc placement with some lighting

(Alex) #18


I think I did tag the original thingie as well!

Closing thoughts: Fun movie, fun project! Really helped me get back into 3d modelling some of the old stuff I used to do. Sketchfab is not 100% super duper great with huge scenes but managed to work around it eventually! I will probably end up working more on this scene, throw it into unreal 4 and throw some properly baked lighting at it.

Hectic two weeks though that's for sure! I hope the coffee wears off soon.

(Dark Minaz) #19

wow, didn't have time to really check on updates of others. But i love your flowers. Especially that mini peach tree.

A few magical flowing sparks would have made it slightly better but it looks great anyway.

I really like how you set your scene, removing anything that wasn't needed from that position. i might steal that cloud idea at some point.

btw is it intended that your scene can be downloaded? or did you set that by accident?

(Alex) #20


Yeah I let it to be downloaded if anyone wants to check it out a little more closely. It was primarily a learning exersize so you won't find crazy good tiling textures and the like :sweat_smile:

If you want to see the fog in your scene for a quick test it's easier this way also heh