Kylo Ren Watches the Starkiller Base Fires


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To watch this happen in VR will be cool from his perspective. Who wants to see this? I know I do.

(Trugb33) #2

I'm on the bare bones. I hope I don't disappoint

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(Rmorais) #5

Great scene! You can explore the space panorama in several ways! Good luck! =D

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(Jamesculley) #7

Looking forward to this one!

(Bart) #8

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(Andrey) #9

Looks nice!

I noticed that command bridge shown in 7-th episode is just copy of bridge "Venator" ship, shown in third film.
Found this pic, maybe it will be help.

Sorry for text mistakes, im bad speak english.

(Trugb33) #10

Thanks a lot dude

(Trugb33) #11

Thanks a lot! :grinning:

(Andrey) #12

Also you can google "Venator command bridge":slight_smile:

(Ingbue) #13

looking good so far!