Label 3D models with one class label


I want to upload a set of 50 models into a collection (to be my full dataset) and want to send a link to the dataset to multiple labelers so that they can provide a class label for the object (I have 3 class labels; I require 1 label/tag per model). The ultimate goal is to create a labelled dataset for machine learning. I do not want to do the labelling myself (which is the easiest option) as this can be biased, and I want to have multiple expert opinions for the same object. Also, I would like to further expand the dataset with 100s of labels and it will be easier to develop an infrastructure for others to label, too.

What is the best way to go about this? Is it possible for others to tag the model which I have created?

I have also tried to create a survey where I can embed the model so that the labelers do not need to click on a link to access the model, but the popular ones which I’ve tried (Google Forms (this one does not support embedding of HTML), SurveyMonkey, Jisc) do not support iframe and I cannot embed it properly.

Any advice will be much appreciated, thank you.

You can’t let other users tag your models, but you could write an app that uses the Data API which does the labeling on your behalf. So you’d make a frontend that people can log in to, pick a model, set labels and then pass it to our API using your personal API key.


Great, thank you! So when you say ‘the Data API does the labeling on your behalf’, what do you mean exactly? Would the users be updating the ‘tags’ parameter of each model? And also, do you have an example code which does exactly that in the documentation?

(I think that I found it – using patch and setting the tags parameter in the model object)

Thank you!