Labrynth (1986) (the final M.C.Escher-esque staircase showdown - static)

(Warrenblyth) #1

Doubt i'll make the deadline (but hell, i'll finish it anyway, and probably make free to download). Thought it would be super cool to tackle the final showdown from Labrynth.

not clear if deadline is in 2 hours (via this Forum's FAQ) or tomorrow night (via blog post). Either way, watching my kids all day while wife is away, sooOOOoooo probably not finishing on time.

Was initially planning to have Toby (the baby) sitting in one place, but throwing a glass ball that would bounce all around the room defying gravity. and Jareth walking around defying gravity. on loop
figured the viewer would represent Sarah's pov.

I made a bowie like figure in MakeHuman (planning to add hair in TiltBrush and detail the vest in Mudbox). Made stairs and arches in Maya but haven't gotten to texturing yet. so. struggling to accept reality here. anywho. if Labrynth is your thing: follow me on Sketchfab.

(this is also kinda serving dual duty as practice for the aesthetic of a game I'm working on called "The Wizard's Den" so i'm definitely planning to finish, even after this contest ends)

(Freemouse) #2

Good luck with the deadline !
It's written Thursday, October 13, 23:59 New York time.