Lack of Support becoming annoying!

(Asi) #1

Anyone finding the support becoming a rather frustrating… ?

I assumed that being a paying pro User you were able to get within 24 hours response !

(Lpdenmark) #2

I have been wondering why wee don´t get much support, and no comments about if anyone see the requests.

(Dan) #3

Hi there! I’m sorry you feel like there is a lack of support from the Sketchfab end. We’re a small team and we do our best to reply to forum posts as quickly as we can. If you’re a bit more eager for a response, you’re right, most of the time, PRO and above users can expect email support within 24 hours. Basic users can expect a reply within 48 hours.


Using our support form ( ) or emailing so that your requests enter our team’s queue is the best way to get support. We do our best to follow forum threads, but it’s not the first priority.

(Lpdenmark) #5

Thanks for your answers, I didn´t meen no harm, just wondering :slight_smile:

There are not that many new support requests pr. day, so I was a bit surprised
that we didn`t get any comments.

I personal are looking in the direction af local stored 3D files for the Oculus Go headset,
because I don´t see anything that point in the direction that Sketchfab will support the
popular headset, and that is surprising me to :slight_smile:

Best regards

(Dan) #6

Thanks for the follow-up, Leif. Our developers are definitely aware of the Oculus Go limitations although it’s not the easiest set of problems to solve for one piece of hardware so far. We’re really hoping to make some improvements as soon as possible.

(Asi) #8

Hey, thanks, and likewise no harm intended also :smiley:

I will try be more patient next time !

Thanks for the heads up on how to bring model to centre.

Thanks and regards