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Lack of texture sampling option leads to wrong appearance

(Manuhart) #1

Good day, good people.

In this simple project I find myself unable to fix the appearance of a checkerboard texture (comparison between Cinema 4D viewport and Sketchfab viewport):

Eventhough I set texture filtering to "nearest" I suspect that I need a different texture sampling option, ideally "none":

This is the image in question if anybody wants to conduct a test:


Hmm. Can you share the model link? (Draft is ok)

(Manuhart) #3




I don't see the same behavior as your comparison screenshot. It just looks completely gray to me.

We won't use the 100x100 texture in the viewer because it's not "power of 2". We downscale to 64x64 which might be part of the problem. Could you try replicating the texture at a higher resolution?

(Manuhart) #5

Eventhough 100 is a power of 2 which is simply log2(100)=6.643..., I tried again at a different resolution that you mentioned. This is the look that 64x64 gives:

Case more or less solved.


Alright, well whole number powers of 2, anyway. It's more efficient to render these, especially for older GPUs.

Glad that worked our for you!