Lagartijón modeling in ZBrush, please be hard on your criticism, i need 100% honest feedback :)


(Alejo Escobar) #1

Hi guys, this is my second model, hope you like it.

Ill love to recive advices or suggestions, im pretty new at 3d modeling in general so please be hard haha.


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(Zaxel) #2

Hey there! for your second model you´re doing really good :wink:
Your overall anatomy needs more work however. I am not pro when it comes to anatomy myself but I made some annotations for things I would change in front view.

  1. I would smooth this part since the arms are in a relaxed pose and your creature isn´t flexing its muscles

  2. this muscle should be longer since it connects to the knee

  3. the six-pack is nearly a straight line. For appeal I would vary the volume and size a bit

  4. currently the arm flows directly into the shoulder, which makes it look disconnected to the body. Try to get the arms closer to the chest while keeping the shoulders where they are.

As a general advice, I recommend you to do gesture sculpts, where you focus on a proper silhouette and volumes. A strong base makes it much easier to put down the muscles later on.

(Alejo Escobar) #3

Hi Zaxel, thank you so much for the feedback, i really appreciates your kindness to take the time to pointed the biggest mistakes in my character and olso I’m feel very happy to know that have some skills to became a good artist with alot of hardwork and dedication.

Hope you are doing great. Cheer from Colombia