LASERDYNAMICS - 3D-Scanning, Modelling, Dimensional Control, Reverse Engineering and Prototyping - Portugal


(Laserdynamics) #1

LASERDYNAMICS is a project exclusively dedicated to 3D-Scanning, Modelling, Dimensional Control, Reverse Engineering and Prototyping for structures, equipment and objects in a multitude of scales, precisions and resolutions.
• References/former clients: Matsa (Trafigura), EPOS (Teixeira Duarte) Lusosider (Seixal), Siderurgia Nacional (Seixal), Sform (Marinha Grande), CCEnergia (Renova - Torres Novas);
• Website:
• How to contact:

Service description

• Specialisation: Buildings, Factories, Mine mapping, large landscape areas, Factory Layout, Construction Verification, Building Renovation, Infrastructure Design & Visualization, Industrial Asset Creation.
• Equipment/software: Leica C10, Leica Tracker AT402, Exascan (Creaform), UAV/ Cyclone, 3DReshaper, Geomagic, Rhinoceros, Autocad, Recap, 3DMax, ...
• Location: Barreiro, Portugal
• Ability to travel: To all locations.
• Resolution: from 1 meter to 1 micron
• Guaranteed accuracy: from 1m to 0.01mm
• Max / min scannable sizes: All Sizes
• Textures: Yes
• Deliverable file formats: PTS, PTX, PLY, VMRL, OBJ, JPG, PNG, PDF3D, MPEG, MOV, 3DS, MAX, 3DM, DWG, DWF, RCP, RCS, E57, PCG, Other´s.
• Additional services: Mine industrie’s scan’s, Industrial site's Scan. Reverse Engineering, flexible and portable Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), Dimensional control aplications, Heritage Scan’s, 3D Modeling.
Movies with the created 3D (models/ Cloud’s), interactive models on web players, Virtual Reconstructions of sites and post-processing of 3D scanned models.
• Costs: Subject to budget

Service-specific information

• Terrestrial Laser scan: Leica C10/ P40
• Georeferenced: yes
• Viewing software provided: Sketchfab, Leica TrueView.
• Measurement tool: position, distance, height, surface, volume : included with free viewer.


Fossil by laserdynamics on Sketchfab

Monkey Skull/ Crânio Macaco by laserdynamics on Sketchfab

Modeled statue/ Estátua modelada by laserdynamics on Sketchfab