Latest Firefox Quantum version (62.0 64-bit) break all model


(Pierre Savoie) #3

It happen on every model everywhere on the site, embedded anywhere. I just reproduced the issue on another computer by simply updating Firefox to the latest version.

(Infernalgear) #4

I am also seeing this same type of model corruption after Firefox updated to the latest version. This is happening on all models. I’ve updated my GeForce game drivers to the latest version. I will continue to investigate and report here if I find any more info.

(Infernalgear) #5

Okay, this might be a known bug; if you look here at you’ll see that the issue was reported by someone else (or maybe the OP?). It appears to have magically resolved itself in the nightly-build of Firefox that you can get from here:

(Msgdi) #6

As of today I have the same bug

I’m on win7, using firefox. Yesterday it worked fine. I think it is related to firefox because it was updated today to the newest version and this bug suddenly appeared

(Paul Sketch) #7

Can you post webgl reports and models link so that we can try to reproduce ?

( screen shot of )

(Msgdi) #8

The bug is not limited to an specific model. It’s the same on all models, not just mine (MSGDI (@MSGDI) - Sketchfab)

(Paul Sketch) #9

ok, thanks could reproduce, will check.

(Paul Sketch) #10

Nothing we can do on our end I’m afraid.
I can only recommend using meanwhile

(Reptileye) #11

Same here, though i can see them fine in chrome:

(Trofk) #12

Today I stumbled upon this. It’s not only visible for my model but it’s the same for other users as well.
I’m using Firefox and when I switch to Chrome, it looks normal.



(Klaasnienhuis) #13

I can confirm this issue. It’s visible on each model I’ve looked at on firefox. I also see the issue on my own models in the editor. The same model looks fine in chrome. It’s not just new models, but also older models, such as the ones in my configurators.
@james this looks pretty serious

Model on firefox

model on firefox mobile on android

I’ve also got issues on firfox mogile, but it seems like a totally different issue. I can only see the AO of the model. None of the other textures show

(Paul Sketch) #14

(Alvaro L) #15


Models messed up here, I am using an old Quadro 600.

(Patricks Stuff) #16

Been getting this too, Firefox 62.0, running on an AMD R9 280X.

(Yannick Deharo) #17

The same with an AMD Radeon HD 5800 Series.

(Lordtrilobite) #18

The model viewer is completely broken for me. Any model I try to load shows up bugged. The model loads, but there are holes in the models as random faces/tris are gone and many faces are also merged with other random vertices causing them to stretch all over the model. I’m not sure what you did to the viewer in the latest update but no model can be viewed properly on my end.


(Paperscan) #19

Yes, today i see this bug after update Firefox to 62 vers.
reinstall 61.02 and all OK

(Bisenberger) #20

Yep, models are scrambled in Firefox 62.0.

I posted about this on the mozilla support forum. There is a “I have this problem, too” button below the post. If more people chime in it might accelerate it getting fixed. Here’s the post:

(Stanislav Botev) #21

1070 on core i7 the same bug

(Tomprice3ddesign) #22

This issue is also present on mobile devices, this is not good!