Latest Firefox Quantum version (62.0 64-bit) break all model


(Stanislav Botev) #21

1070 on core i7 the same bug

(Tomprice3ddesign) #22

This issue is also present on mobile devices, this is not good!

(Mo Systeme) #23

The bug seems to be solved now :grinning:
(on my desktop FF, win7)

(Yannick Deharo) #24

The problem doesn’t exist anymore on my computer too !

(Paul Sketch) #25

We released a Fix on our side for the Windows Desktop Firefox bug.
(bug still exists on firefox and other webgl websites using triangles strip)

For people talking about mobile firefox bug, please make a new thread with model link, webglreport etc.
(couldn’t reproduce any bugs here on android + firefox mobile)

(Trofk) #26

Today I stumbled upon this. It’s not only visible for my model but it’s the same for other users as well.
I’m using Firefox and when I switch to Chrome, it looks normal.



(Lordtrilobite) #27

The model viewer is completely broken for me. Any model I try to load shows up bugged. The model loads, but there are holes in the models as random faces/tris are gone and many faces are also merged with other random vertices causing them to stretch all over the model. I’m not sure what you did to the viewer in the latest update but no model can be viewed properly on my end.

(Paul Sketch) #28

@lordtrilobite @trofk can you confirm you still have the bug today ?

(Lordtrilobite) #29

Yes and no.
The issue seems to be fixed on standard models I have on the site. But when in 3D settings editing a model. In the VR tab the human stand in model to show how big a person is compared to the model still has the same issue. So yes it’s fixed in every sense that matters. But no it’s technically not completely fixed as it seems to show in a minor situation that doesn’t matter that much.

(Paul Sketch) #30

@lordtrilobite Thanks a lot for the report, indeed VR Man did escape our fix

Bug display in VR

You mean Dave? :slight_smile: