Latest policy change : 18+ only

We are writing to let you know that we will be making some changes to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, effective January 3, 2023.

What’s changing?
The minimum age to use Sketchfab will be 18 as of January 3, 2023.

I’m not affected, but I’m confused and disappointed on behalf of hundreds of young artists. What’s the reasoning?

N.B.: Polite discussion only, I’m not trying to troll or spark any movement.


I’m curious about the reasoning behind this change too.

Edit: Maybe it’s to prevent legal issues due to minors having access adult content.
But yeah, I think it’s sad that a part of the userbase/community gets cut off.


Hello, I dont see any age input from my profile settings.
So how can I insure that my account will not be deleted by accident?


I use sketchfab for college and as of January 3rd I will be 1 month away from turning 18.

This news to me is decimating, I can’t believe I’m going to lose everything I have so far, wait a whole month (and a bit) to make a new account but still to lose my models and following.

It’s going to be a major headache for me since having my account removed is going to break my website and prevent me from submitting my work to my professors (they’ve said we can use maya/blender screenshots as an alternative, but they are as equally not happy by this change)

A lot of my classmates are not 18 yet either and they are going to lose even more than this - such as their seller statuses and HUGE followings, can we even guarantee that we are going to get our following back once we have made new accounts?

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Curious about the reason as well. In June 2021 they changed this - The minimum age to use Sketchfab without parental/guardian consent has increased from 13 years to 16 years.

If Sketchfab is enforcing this new policy, how will minors be differentiated from adults?
As far as I am aware sketchfab isn’t asking for birthdays or age input at account creation.
How do we know if sketchfab has correctly identified our age or will we need to provide ID after the policy change is active to prevent our accounts being deleted?

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My guess is on January 3 we’ll have to enter our birthdate and failure to do so with a valid date within a delay you’ll see your account terminated.


Hi, yes likely.
For your issue maybe you can ask your parents to admin your account to avoid switching platforms?

I’m not impacted by this change, but i suspect teens will just lie just as they do for porn sites.

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Having been a sketchfab user and browser of this forum for a long time, I don’t think sketchfab policy changes are up for discussion.

I wonder if the change is related to “Age of criminal/legal responsibility” which when you look globally is 18 although many areas are much younger. And aimed at content creators rather than viewers.

I don’t use an Apple device but RealityScan (owned by epic games as is sketchfab) app has recently been launched on ios, with users encouraged to upload their creations to Sketchfab (get a 1 year of sketchfab pro for free)( is the use of the app is for the over 18 only too? or just to upload the creations?