Latest postcard 😍

Many thanks for the latest postcard. It was a big surprise, because I expected a “normal” card from Sketchfab. To present one of my models on a card is a great idea. I wish there was a paid “print and send postcard” feature on every model. Or at least an order option with the choice of different models.

Br, Harald


Awesome! Glad you like it :slight_smile:

The idea to send postcards is interesting, how would you use it?

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First I would order postcards of all my favourite models and hang a collage in the office. Then I would send selected postcards to friends. Here it would make sense to be able to create your own text. Also with a freely selectable QR Code.

Ah so on your own models only? How would you feel if other people could use your scans for a postcard?

The text is the free text on the back, I assume?

And a ‘freely selectable’ QR code could point somewhere other than the model, like your website or something like that?

Not necessarily only the own models. I think depending on the occasion there are many interesting motives on Sketchfab.

Exactly, you could write your own text that is directed to the recipient. Or an empty back with the possibility to write a text yourself.

Yes, the QR Code could point to your own website.