Layering multiple textures on single material


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Is it possible to layer multiple textures on a single material?

I've seen this requested a couple of times from earlier in the year and the solution suggested is to generate 'flat' textures for all of the different combinations. For the project I'm working on, we have lots of different models and a huge number of different texture options for each model - so creating separate textures for every possible combination is going to result in thousands of potential textures that need to be generated.

Has there been any development on implementing something that could achieve this without needing to create all of the different texture combinations?

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You can use the viewer API to change colors and textures when you embed a model. You can also do texture injections via GET URL parameters.

You say you have many models and many texture options. How else do you expect to display such options?

If your diffuse is a flat color, you use a color value instead of a texture for the diffuse and then textures for all the other channels. Then just change the diffuse color per option. If your diffuse is not a flat color there is no way around needing to create separate textures for each variant.

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Exactly what do you mean by 'Other Channels' ? Suggesting adding a texture through the Specular, Roughness, etc. Channels? Or can we upload textures inside the 'DiffuseColor' channel on different levels? Would be awesome to get some details. We’re now doing the texture injection as suggested. Thanks again for your help.