Lazercar #3December Entries

(Lazercar) #1

Ill see if I can do this. You will be able to see my December posts here starting the 3rd of December.

(Lazercar) #2

Ok, here is the first day which is a winter coat. I decided to go for more of a style look then puffer look.

(Lazercar) #3

Here is day two’s topic. I decided to go for a kitchen wood burning stove. I also put a tea pot on there hmmm… wonder where I got that idea :wink: I also just made this model today, surprisingly faster than I expected took me about 1hour and 30 min(yes I got up at 6:30 and started working as soon as the topic got released). wish I could have gotten the quick fire in blender into sketchfab but you are going to have to deal with no fire … just … some… cold… tea :sleepy:

It looks a little low poly in sketchfab but that’s fine because I forgot the subsurf

(Lazercar) #4

here is day four of the 3December challenge The North Pole. Theres not a lot going on here but I couldn’t think of anything else the north looked like so its just some snow and candy canes and more snow and more candy canes.

Now Its time to model fruit cake :cake:

(Lazercar) #5

Ok here is my 3December day five model. this fruit cake looks so… ah, em, it looks like something my dog wouldn’t even eat. Im a little late but thats fine.

time to go model the flu??? :sneezing_face:

(Lazercar) #6

I know this one is right after the next but what else does the flu look like. well this is 3Decmeber day 6 model.

time to model reindeer :deer: