Leandrovski #3December 2018 entries

(Leandro Rodrigues) #1

Hey everyone! This is my thread where I will keep track of my work on #3December.

Glad that Sketchfab is starting this kind of challenge in here!

I hope to get to the end xD

(Leandro Rodrigues) #2

~2000 years later~

Here’s my first day on 3December for the topic : Winter Coat! :smile:

(Laurer1990) #3

a little could for the winter :wink:
nice hoody though

(Leandro Rodrigues) #4

Day 2: Wood Stove

I’m having a bad time, the struggle of posting here daily is real! :laughing:

(Leandro Rodrigues) #5

Day 3: North Pole

(Leandro Rodrigues) #6

Day 4: Fruitcake

(Leandro Rodrigues) #7

Day 5: Having the flu

(Leandro Rodrigues) #8

Day 6: Reindeer