Learning Blender , my first few experiments with it

Hi, Lovely to see all your amazing creations it has gone someway to inspire me to learn blender finally after putting it off for so many years.

This was my first proper exercise with blender, Its a futuristic sort of craft of some sort, and was mainly me learning the modeling tools in blender. Its not complete so I need to get back to this and add more detailing, and perhaps texture it too.

:smiley: You can check this out over on sketchfab:

This is is an abstract animation sequence that could be used in a vfx / vdj context, and is based on the ball I already made. Here I place the camera inside the ball and exaggerate the cameras perspective, gave the ball a 2 axial rotation twist loop, and worked a lot on sketchfabs lighting, shading and post process options to try get that trippy/dreamy feel I had intended. I just popped a random ambient sort of sound effect to it to.
Unfortunately I only have a free sketchfab account which means I can access features like locking the camera which prevents the user from moving the camera. For this animation the camera is placed in a very specific location with specific focus and dof ranges, so the animation loop is intended to be seen as the camera is when you first start to play it, but you can move the camera around and explore other interesting angles yourself anyway.

:smiley: You can check this out over on sketchfab:


Hello Tycho! Congratulations, I have also started with blender! I hope to be able to share my models soon.I have found a free course in a facebook group, if you speak Spanish I recommend it. Is this
I hope to see more of your material and your progress.

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So cool! Psychedelic, even. :slight_smile: Looking forward to seeing more of your experiments.

Hi Folks and thanks for taking a look and your comments :slight_smile:

@diseniopro I look forward to seeing your first creations. I cannot understand spanish unfortunately but thank you so much for the link anyway.
As it happens I went onto a udemy course recently for blender 2.8 I have not got very far past the general interface familiar phase of the course but I thought to take a break with the course and try out some hands on things, so the posts above are as a result of my own experimentations, but I will soon get back to the course as it seems very well structured and covers many key areas, including materials which I have not had much time to play around with yet.
Hopefully I will get my little futuristic craft complete and learn enough to be able to texture it properly. If i ever do I shall re-post the complete project here :slight_smile:

thank you guys for the comments again and keep creative!!