Legacy Environments



Hello everyone,

A while ago, we removed some of our default HDRI environments as part of ongoing improvements to the lighting system.

Several users have asked if they can still use these environments in their models – for consistency across collections or a desired look.

Pro and Business users have the option to upload custom environments, so I'm providing the legacy files here so that you can add them to your account(s).

Additionally, although they are no longer in the editor GUI, the defaults are still available to be set via the Data API.

Hope it helps!

Cave entry in the forest

Abandoned sanatorium

St Nicolaus church

Protestant church

Winter forest

Malibu overlook

Corsica beach

Topanga forest

Tropical beach

Terrace near the granaries

In front of chapel

Popcorn lobby

Bus garage

Ditch river

Bryant park

Studio 02

Recent change broke our exporter

(Jose M) #3

Thanks James

(Minzkraut) #4

Has the blur factor option been removed as well?


No, the Blur options still exists, but it's in the Scene > Background settings


(Minzkraut) #6

Oh well, I looked around for 5 minutes and didn't notice that at all :grin:


Sorry for the confusion :confounded: cc @mauricesvay