Legend of zelda - inspired work

(Omochalaroo) #1

So i wanted to toss some of my work up here for observation, its a fun model, not really a animator but i do intend to go back and fix some of the flow to make the wings look less stiff.

but yeah what do you think?
I have also done a majoras mask model, but i have not uploaded it yet.

(theStoff) #2

There's two primary things that I feel would help a bunch. First is the motion of the arms. Might be better if they don't move forward and back. The second would be to add overlap in the motion. Everything seems to arrive at the same time. Adding a delay on the elbows for instance would be an example. Not sure if that makes sense but there's lots of information on the principles of animation. This one is overlapping action.

(Omochalaroo) #3

No i get what you mean, when it comes to animation i just got a book and i think i understand what you mean based on how they give a example of a "ball bouncing"
so thank you for this feed back it means a whole lot.

I think if i just go back, remove the keyframes from this one and start over and maybe tinker with the armature i have a bit more for more fluidity in posing then how i have the "ik bones" functioned i can make it smoother.

Curious, how long can a single animation be when it comes to "sketch fab" and uploading if you know? or anyone knows?

(Marcclintdion) #4

The model is beautiful.

You asked about the length of animations that can be uploaded to Sketchfab: I recently uploaded an animation that has 800 frames and somewhere around 60-ish(?) bones. https://sketchfab.com/models/5b5b676f42f64503ad1682ee9a729f52 you can see with the jet exhausts that you can even animate the size of bones.(This doesn't always work as I mention below).
The animation uses two skeletons, one for the main model and the other for the flying backPack-jetPack looking thing.
I only did that because Blender seems to have a bone limit of 64 per skeleton if I remember correctly. That may be wrong, I'm also inexperienced with animation.

I did have some problems with consistency depending on how I arranged the animation setup. While I was working out some problems with normal-map rendering errors, I ended up deleted and re-uploading about a dozen times while also making animation setup changes in between uploads.

The quirks I experienced with animations ranged from a little weird to completely broken even though they worked fine in Blender and always looked exactly the same for the different setups I tried while still in Blender.

I never ended up solving the pattern between all the weird results and the final working animation. I tend to save a lot of iterative versions of my builds and when one method I tried fails after uploading, I'd try a different version and re-upload.

I finally got both normal maps and the animation working but it was mostly trial and error so far as getting the animation working with Sketchfab. I'm not even sure what I finally did right to get the animation working. The problems may be related to the transfer between Blender and Sketchfab so you may not experience them at all if you use different modeling software.

Incidentally, since I mentioned it, the normal map problems were caused by some vertices that were overlapping but not welded. Sketchfab appears to auto-weld vertices that overlap and this causes rendering errors for tangent space normal maps.

The animation uses two skeletons, one for the main model and the other for the flying backPack-jetPack looking thing.

(Omochalaroo) #5

i just made another topic based on a animation problem i am having, but since you are here and it replys directly to you as your post was very helpful before, i am having issues with uploading my animation.

I have a character who is rigged with a armature and all that jazz, but he flips a coin and this coin is not rigged to any armature.
the animation works fine in blender, but when i upload it here as a fbx, it gives me seperate groups for each animation object instead of combining them into one perfect flow of animation.
Is there a way i can group them in blender on the dope sheet or something in order for both of them to play as their meant to on here?

(Marcclintdion) #6

That is one of the "Completely broken" things that happened with the animation I was working on. A few of the times that I uploaded the model/animation, Sketchfab loaded in roughly 50-60 animations(which is roughly how many bones there are) Also, all of those animations were broken.

I'm 100% sure that this is a bug. Every time this happened, I deleted it and reverted to a backup in Blender from before this started happening.

You might have to go through the trouble of filling a bug report to get this resolved. If they take it seriously, you can have one of them contact me and I'll try and dig up one of the project files that was doing the same thing so they have more test cases to work with.

(Omochalaroo) #7

I had one of the animation leads on here it seems contact me, he said if i had tried using just the "blend" file when importing instead of a fbx.
So i am going to give that a try and maybe that might resolve the issue, but yeah, it was odd having that constantly go down, thank goodness it was not 50-60 animations lol sorry that went down for you, hopefully the recovery was not awful to retain.
I have had so much time lost due to my own arrogance of going into "auto pilot" mode toward the end of my items i mess up somewhere badly and end up in a literal "puzzle game" with some of my stuff lol.

(Marcclintdion) #8

I make frequent backups when I head into unfamiliar territory. It gets messy and takes up a lot of space but having lots of versions to work with can be super helpful once in a while.

I've found that Blender is pretty good at transferring animation data between models using 'copy and paste' in the dope sheet editor. So long as you key in a dummy frame and move it out of range before pasting animations in from another object, it usually works beautifully. That helped a lot when restoring from backups.